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Basic Japanese Course in delhi

Master Basic conversation level Japanese with furusawaacademy . This is the perfect beginner’s course, and best suited for those who wish to know whether Japanese is a language they want to invest their time in. If you are travelling to Japan for a short period of time, you will also find this course highly useful, as it will acquaint you with a number of phrases and terms that will make your time in Japan a lot more comfortable

Speaking: Be able to answer questions about oneself. Be able to hold conversations in limited everyday situations.
Writing: Be able to properly write Hiragana and Katakana. Be able to understand approximately 200 Kanji characters.
Listening: Be able to understand daily life situations when spoken to at a slower speed and using simple words.
Reading: Be able to comprehend written articles of around 200 characters regarding daily life themes.
Composition: Be able to write a simple composition using basic expressions.


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