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Japanese language students who are not adept in Kanji are rising steadily with every passing year. The Furusawa Academy has therefore, decided to increase the emphasis on teaching Kanji. Being one of the core elements of the Japanese language, learning Kanji is essential. We provide a basic Kanji class along with the general Japanese language courses. We have a teaching method which focuses on learning Kanji a lot quicker that the usual time it takes. We also explain the formation of a Kanji with simplicity so that the students are able to understand it properly. By the end of the beginner’s level class, we aim to finish about 360 Kanji characters. The basics of Kanji will be taught to the newly arrived students before we proceed into leaning Kanji.

Speaking: Be able to answer questions about oneself. Be able to hold conversations in limited everyday situations.
Writing: Be able to properly write Hiragana and Katakana. Be able to understand approximately 200 Kanji characters.
Listening: Be able to understand daily life situations when spoken to at a slower speed and using simple words.
Reading: Be able to comprehend written articles of around 200 characters regarding daily life themes.
Composition: Be able to write a simple composition using basic expressions.


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